Eternal Leadership

As a business leader, I have hungered for wisdom in many circumstances. Proverbs provides it. Dan and Drew bring to life this ageless guide and how you can lead conscientiously and courageously so that your company can flourish and perform. Take it with you to work! - Cheryl Bachelder, Former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Board Member at Pier One, Chick-fil-A, and Procter & Gamble, and author of Dare to Serve

Through their own entrepreneurial ventures, and in their work helping thousands of business leaders grow--personally and professionally, Dan and Drew help you:

-Understand timeless leadership principles of Proverbs with application for today
-Gain clarity on how to make wise decisions
-Accelerate business growth and remove needless limitations
-Become a better leader of yourself, your business, your employees, and your community

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Jessica's journey in being an author and a motivational speaker is rooted in her personal experiences as a keen observer and as someone who is genuine concern about the connections of people. Specifically, those that are coming from different generations. She led a life filled with joy and enthusiasm with a vision that in the future, all generations will be profoundly and sincerely connected. Let us learn from her wisdom in this article. -Jessica Stolling #286

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After being eliminated in his position as a station manager for 18 months, Steve Laswell felt he was pushed out of the nest and sat numb in the passenger’s seat driving nowhere. But that moment forced him out of his comfort zone. He began to seek out what might be in his future. He reflected on his life’s journey, talked to his wife, family, and others he respected and prayed. He embraced his passion: the development of people. So after completing an executive coaching certification program, Next Level Executive Coaching,LLC was launched, his very own company. Steve Laswell believed that there are clues and touches in our story that if we pay attention to it the story will instruct us and connect us and lead us right into the future, just as what happened to his life. Steve Laswell #285

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From a little girl born of a mistress - abandoned and abused - to one of the highest paid females in the hospitality industry fighting for a seat in the boardroom - to an entrepreneurial mentor who impacts lives globally. Kelly Baader is a world-renowned digital sales and marketing strategist, certified business coach, Christian CEO podcast, best seller of the book in Amazon “A Little Girl Called Grace”, founder of the Christian CEO University, keynote speaker and a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs. Her journey was not an overnight success but God helped her made a decision to move out of the darkness and just followed Him step-by-step, moment by moment, and see God’s goodness in the process. Kelly Baader #284

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