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In this awe-inspiring episode of Eternal Leadership, we had the profound honor of speaking with Carole Ward, a woman whose life is a testament to the miraculous and redemptive power of God at work. As the founder and director of Favor International, Carole has been an instrument of change in Northern Uganda and South Sudan for over 18 years, transforming lives and communities through her unwavering faith and dedication to her mission.
Carole's journey began when she courageously prayed, "Send me where no one wants to go." Despite being warned by US authorities and other organizations that she would likely return in a body-bag, Carole's faith in God's power led her to Northern Uganda and South Sudan. There, she has not only survived but thrived, witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit and experiencing miracles reminiscent of those found in the Book of Acts.
In the face of unspeakable horrors, including a 30-year war in Northern Uganda, Carole stood strong as the only white woman in that part of the country for the last two years of the conflict, after all other missionaries had fled. Through her unyielding faith and trust in a God who is stronger than the strongest evil, Carole has seen lives transformed, communities rebuilt, and even governments impacted by the love and power of God.
Carole Ward's story is a vivid reminder that when we surrender our lives to God and follow His calling, even in the darkest of places, miracles can and do happen. Her journey is a shining example of God's redemptive work in action, inspiring all who hear her story to believe in the power of faith, love, and commitment.
To learn more about Carole Ward and Favor International, visit their website at If you feel called to support their mission and contribute to the miracles God is working through Carole and her team, you can donate directly through this link:
In addition to their main website, you can also find Favor International on Facebook ( and Twitter (, where they regularly share updates and stories of lives transformed by their work.
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