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Dr. Wallnau is a strategist, futurist and compelling communicator who has shared platforms with Ben Carson, Mike Pompeo, and best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell. He has conducted training for the United Nations and spoken at Harvard, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the London School of Theology. With a thirty-year background consulting business and non-profits, Lance’s students represent a global tapestry spanning governments, CEOs, entertainers, and entrepreneurs.

He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas.

Join us for a conversation on how to find the calling God has set out before you, and how to pursue it with purpose.

Find more on Lance here!

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This week we had the great pleasure of speaking with Craig Thayer, M.D.

Craig Thayer's destiny was mapped before he was even born. Being put up for adoption at birth and finding his family at nine months was just the start of his unorthodox journey.

Craig Thayer battled a reading disorder that went undiagnosed until he was fifty-five years old. Despite that and numerous other challenges, the calling in his heart to become a surgeon grew louder and louder. It didn’t quit when he suffered a twisted intestine, witnessed his adopted mother’s alcohol problem, grieved her death when he was just eighteen, healed from a skull fracture in college, agonized over his adopted father’s fight for his life, and struggled to find his self-esteem. Through adversity, he has become a well-respected surgeon, head of trauma, community leader, and forever a jokester.  The miracles that touched his life were his saving grace and shined a light on his purpose.

Craig Thayer’s intent in sharing his stories are to give you hope, inspiration, a sense of belonging.  His passion is to inspire and motivate others to live their life to the fullest. We are all more alike than we know.

Find more about Craig and his book here!

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In a recent heart-to-heart, business leader Donna Johnson shared insights from her new book, "My Mentor Walks on Water". A harmonious blend of faith and personal development, the book has emerged as an illuminating guide for those journeying on a spiritual path seeking to forge a profound connection with the Divine.
Discovering the Mentor Within and Beyond
The crux of Donna's book is Mentorship. "At various stages in our lives, we seek guidance and wisdom. But have we ever considered that perhaps the greatest mentor of all might be Jesus?" Donna ponders. Her book elucidates the journey to recognizing one's intrinsic worth as seen through the eyes of God and harnessing the mentorship opportunities found in Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and even the people we encounter in life.
The Significance of Mentorship
During our chat, Donna shared, "Mentorship goes beyond learning specific tasks. It's a deep dive into understanding oneself, reconciling with past experiences, and carving out a purposeful future." She highlights the transformative experience of self-awareness and the importance of seeking guidance in every dimension of our existence.
Walking on Water and Its Reverberations
The evocative title "My Mentor Walks on Water" isn't solely about biblical miracles. It's a clarion call for readers to challenge their boundaries, to dare beyond the ordinary, and to be catalysts for change. "Dare to lock eyes with Jesus and embrace the impossible," Donna entreats.
About Donna Johnson
Renowned business leader Donna Johnson has etched her name in the annals of the corporate world with her indomitable spirit and unparalleled insight. She was honored with the prestigious Profession's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. She has graced many publications, most notably, "Think and Grow Rich for Women", a collaborative effort between The Napoleon Hill Foundation and Sharon Lechter.
Alongside her illustrious career, Donna and her husband Thomas divide her time between homes in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Sweden. Family is a cornerstone of her life, with five children: Nathaniel, Nicole, Joseph, Olivia, Alexandra, and step-son Max, and eight doting grandchildren. Their charity initiative, "Spirit Wings Kids", stands as a beacon of their altruism, nurturing orphanages in India and Africa and supporting a Permaculture farm and soccer academy in Uganda.
For a deeper dive into Donna Johnson's philosophy and insights, visit
Our enriching dialogue with Donna Johnson emphasized the importance of introspection, nurturing one's faith, and embracing challenges. As Donna succinctly states, perhaps it's time we all took a leap of faith and walked on water.
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Robert and Kay Lee Fukui are the co-founders of i61, inc., a business consulting company. They assist married entrepreneurs create better work/life balance by structuring the business to scale while giving precious time back to the owner to invest into their marriage. 

Together, they have developed an innovative consulting program, Power Couples by DesignTM, which equips the married entrepreneur to build a Thriving Marriage AND Prosperous Business. They have also authored the book, Tandem: The married entrepreneurs’ guide for greater work-life balance. 

Check out their website here and get Tandem today! Robert and Kay Lee have also provided a free work-life balance guide you can get here.

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Dan Rockwell is a farm boy from Central Maine. He writes the Leadership Freak blog which is read in every country on the planet and is co-author of the The Vagrant.

Dan had his first leadership position in the non-profit world at the age of nineteen. Since then, he earned an MBA and undergraduate degrees in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, and Construction and Design.

Dan has also owned two businesses and served fifteen years as a Workforce Development Consultant for a Penn State University Special Affiliate. In that capacity, he designed courses, hired and mentored instructors, and delivered hundreds of presentations for local, regional, and global organizations.

Currently, Dan coaches leaders, consults with organizations, and delivers corporate and community presentations.

Find out more about Dan here! Also get his new book The Vagrant!

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Chuck Wisner is an advisor, coach, and teacher in organizational strategy and leadership communication. He has spent thirty years as a coach and advisor in high-profile companies. Inspired by life circumstances, Chuck changed from a successful architectural career mid-life and was among the first to be certified in a Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching program with the Newfield Network, was a senior affiliated mediator with the Harvard Law Mediation Program, and a teacher/coach for MIT’s Transformational Leadership Program. His client list has included Google, Ford, Tesla, Apple, Harvard Business School, and General Motors. 

Join us as we discuss the challenge of getting the message out about the power of language and how it shapes our lives. 

Check out Chuck's website and new book here! You can also learn more on Chuck's LinkedIn and Facebook.

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In this episode of Eternal Leadership, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Lyle Lee Jenkins, a distinguished author and advocate in the field of education. With an impressive collection of over 30 books crafted for children and educators, Dr. Jenkins has left an indelible mark on the world of learning.

As a sought-after speaker, he has shared his expertise with teachers and administrators, not only across the United States but also in 10 other countries, making a global impact on educational practices.

Dr. Jenkins is renowned for his innovative approach to maintaining children's natural love for learning. Through his unique monitoring process and a range of specially designed products, he addresses common pain points in elementary education, ensuring a more engaging and supportive learning experience.

To learn more about Dr. Lyle Lee Jenkins and his profound contributions to education, visit his website:

Don't miss this enlightening episode as we delve into the insights and vision of an education trailblazer, dedicated to solving the biggest problem in education today.

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This week, we were thrilled to have Steve White join us for a riveting conversation about his incredible journey from a poor kid growing up in housing projects to becoming the President of Comcast's West Division and a recognized thought leader in corporate America.
In this episode, Steve shares how his unwavering commitment to his 'why' and the influence of key mentors enabled him to consistently drive growth for his teams, leading them to deliver industry-leading results. He unpacks his guiding principles, including continuous learning, radical responsibility, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Steve's hard-won insights are profound and practical, giving listeners a roadmap to living an impactful life that leaves a lasting legacy. Here are a few key takeaways from our conversation:
  1. The Importance of Knowing Your 'Why': Steve discusses how discovering his 'why' shaped his life and career, leading him to extraordinary professional and personal achievements.
  2. Uncompromising Pathways to Success: Steve shares his seven pathways to success that have guided him through his personal and professional journey.
  3. Making a Difference: From championing causes related to family and education to offering guidance and mentorship to others, Steve emphasizes the significance of giving back and paying it forward.
  4. Embracing Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles: Steve talks about embracing life's "crooked path" and using challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.
  5. The Role of Core Values in Leadership: Steve discusses the core values that have shaped his leadership style and how these values can foster a culture of excellence and inclusivity.
Remember to check out Steve's book, 'Uncompromising: How an Unwavering Commitment to Your Why Leads to an Impactful Life and a Lasting Legacy,' which is now available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.
About Steve White
Steven A. White is an inspiring corporate leader, thought-provoker, and author of the book 'Uncompromising.' He served as President of Comcast's West Division for eleven years, leading almost thirty thousand employees, serving nearly eleven million customers, and driving annual revenue of almost $18 billion. Steve now serves as special counsel to the CEO of Comcast. A champion for family and education-related causes, Steve has served on several prominent boards, including Hormel Foods, W.W. Grainger, and Shaw Communications. His commitment to mentoring and guiding others extends beyond the professional realm as he inspires others to find their 'why' and make a lasting difference.
Connect with Steve White
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In this awe-inspiring episode of Eternal Leadership, we had the profound honor of speaking with Carole Ward, a woman whose life is a testament to the miraculous and redemptive power of God at work. As the founder and director of Favor International, Carole has been an instrument of change in Northern Uganda and South Sudan for over 18 years, transforming lives and communities through her unwavering faith and dedication to her mission.
Carole's journey began when she courageously prayed, "Send me where no one wants to go." Despite being warned by US authorities and other organizations that she would likely return in a body-bag, Carole's faith in God's power led her to Northern Uganda and South Sudan. There, she has not only survived but thrived, witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit and experiencing miracles reminiscent of those found in the Book of Acts.
In the face of unspeakable horrors, including a 30-year war in Northern Uganda, Carole stood strong as the only white woman in that part of the country for the last two years of the conflict, after all other missionaries had fled. Through her unyielding faith and trust in a God who is stronger than the strongest evil, Carole has seen lives transformed, communities rebuilt, and even governments impacted by the love and power of God.
Carole Ward's story is a vivid reminder that when we surrender our lives to God and follow His calling, even in the darkest of places, miracles can and do happen. Her journey is a shining example of God's redemptive work in action, inspiring all who hear her story to believe in the power of faith, love, and commitment.
To learn more about Carole Ward and Favor International, visit their website at If you feel called to support their mission and contribute to the miracles God is working through Carole and her team, you can donate directly through this link:
In addition to their main website, you can also find Favor International on Facebook ( and Twitter (, where they regularly share updates and stories of lives transformed by their work.
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Stephen Drum is a retired combat-tested Navy SEAL Master Chief who has 27 years of experience leading and developing high-performance teams. 

As a speaker and consultant, he helps individuals and organizations such as CDW, Horizon Pharma, and 9 Energy develop leadership and performance strategies, so they can plan, prepare, and execute at the highest levels when it matters most.

Find his website here!

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People who seek to live a life OF purpose, ON purpose often find themselves fighting a daily battle between devotion to Christ and distraction by a million other things. Since 2007 Aarron and Cristine Pina have been using 3 sizes of discipleship to help men, women, couples, and teams to connect with and clarify their God-given purpose and walk in fullness and freedom.

Find more on their website! 

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Ed Rush is a fighter pilot and a card-carrying member of the Million Mistake Club. Despite failing kindergarten, Ed graduated from Top Gun. Despite typing like a chicken on amphetamines, Ed wrote several best-selling books. 

Ed’s superpower is showing entrepreneurs how to use their messages to change the world by creating more income and impact. His mission is to connect you with God and let Him do the rest because, frankly, He’s got this. 

Check out God Talks here!

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Sharon Wood launched Generational Family Wealth after enjoying a 14-year career as the national Director of Leadership Development at T-Mobile. She uses the development skills she taught to leaders of all ages to help families achieve their ideal vision, setting them up for success for generations to come. Sharon is also a certified Gallup Strengths Coach, helping individuals, families, businesses, and non-profits leverage their natural talents. 

Check out her website here!

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Kim “KC” Campbell is a retired Air Force Colonel who served in the Air Force for over 24 years. She has flown 1,800 hours in the A-10 Warthog, including more than 100 combat missions protecting troops on the ground in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2003, Kim was even awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for Heroism after successfully recovering her battle-damaged airplane after an intense close air support mission in Baghdad.

As a senior military leader, Kim has led hundreds of Airmen both at home and abroad in deployed locations and enabled them to succeed in their missions. She has experience leading complex organizations and driving cultural change. Kim knows what it takes to be a successful leader, to inspire and empower high performance teams to achieve success. Kim is passionate about leadership and feels strongly that leaders earn trust by leading with courage and connecting with their team.

Get her book here!

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Walt Rakowich is a leadership speaker and former executive of Prologis, a global real estate company that was near collapse when he took over as CEO in 2008. During the economic downturn, the Prologis stock had dropped from over $70 per share to approximately $2 per share in 10 months, making it the third-worst performing company in the S&P 500. After Walt joined as CEO, he quickly implemented a change in culture through transparency, orchestrating a dramatic turnaround and restoring its position in the industry.

Join us for a conversation on how CEO's can overcome their fears and pride to bring about transformation in their companies.

Find Walt's book on transformational influence here!

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Bruce McEver founded Berkshire Global Advisors in 1983 and he has over 40 years of industry experience. During his tenure at Berkshire, Bruce has advised on a wide range of M&A transactions across all sectors of the asset management and securities industries. Bruce is additionally President and co-founder of The Foundation for Religious Literacy and also the author of Many Paths.

Many Paths is heartfelt, honest, unflinching, and charged on every page with humor and grace. It takes an under represented view of traditional autobiography, charting a full and unique life that weaves entrepreneurial, spiritual, intellectual, philanthropic and artistic paths together. Get it here!

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Josh White is the author of Stumbling Toward Eternity: Losing and Finding Ourselves in the Cross of Jesus, as well as being an acclaimed speaker, recording artist, writer, and founding and teaching pastor of Door of Hope. Josh has recorded multiple worship albums, including as frontman of Telecast, and produced many records.

Join us for a conversation about the beautiful uncertainty of the future through the lens of grace. 

Also find Josh's book here and his Instagram here!

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More than ever before, pastors and Christian leaders are feeling anxious, cynical, and
discouraged, especially at prospect of long-term ministry. According to a recent Barna survey,
38% of pastors have indicated even leaving full-time ministry.

Join author Peter Greer and I as we discuss his experiences with disillusionment and about how to stand in a calling of lifelong leadership.

Get Peter's book here!

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Since 2015, John has been recognized as one of the top 10 most in demand speakers. He has spoken to some of the highest performing organizations in the world such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mercedes-Benz, BMW,and many others. John is also the former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, Bestselling Author of Fearless Success, an expert in the How of High Performance teams and 'The Guru of Gratitude’.

Join us for a great conversation about the "Glad To Be Here" mindset.


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The Secret to Getting More from Your Job Than a Paycheck

You may not be crazy about your job, but making a deliberate choice to bring God's heart of grace to work can have a radically positive impact on how you view yourself, the God you serve, the people with whom you work, and the job you do. Dr. Tim Kimmel, Founder and Executive Director of Family Matters, has created resources for families and churches across the globe that reform and restore through grace. In his new book Grace at Work, Kimmel partnered with co-author Michael Tooker to educate and inspire workers so they can apply grace-based lessons where they spend most of their time—at work.

Join us for an amazing conversation on how to live under the expectations of God and not others, and bring God into your workplace!

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