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Today’s podcast guest is a distinguished individual in the field of business and leadership. His expertise in the past decades has shaped him into the best version of himself, always ready to extend help to those who are in need. In this episode, he highly emphasized the importance of preparation. May we learn from his wisdom and sharing, and hopefully, begin to live our lives the way he did. Mike Mooney  #278

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A life worth-living as manifested by purpose and success. That is what our today’s podcast guest, Jeff Blanton is advocating. In as much as we would like to live a balanced life, we most of the time stumble and feel that we are not enough. In the same manner, we feel that there is much to do and we are only given limited time to do it. In his sharing, let us learn how to live a life with purpose while living it happily towards success. Jeff Blanton # 277

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Greg Yates’ life as the guest for today’s podcast episode brings light to the journey of brokenness into breaking through, from success to swamps, to success once more. in his life experiences and narration, we will undeniably learn a lot from it and hopefully, reflect on how we could also turn our lives into a successful and triumphant one. #276

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The podcast for today’s episode features the incredible story of Michele Williams on how she was able to overcome two of the most pivotal moments in her life and how she was able to inspire and help other people through her experiences. Michele Williams is a certified profit-first professional who focuses on creative business, financial health and profit-builder companies. She manages her own business and at the same time work with her clients to understand the impact of the choices they make and what it means for financial or business success. Michele Williams # 275

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