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In a recent episode of the Eternal Leadership podcast, we were honored to host Michelle Spadafora, the founder of Faithful Workouts. Michelle's biblical perspective on integrating physical and spiritual health offers a refreshing approach to wellness.


The Synergy of Faith and Fitness

Michelle shares how physical health and spiritual well-being are deeply interconnected. She explained that taking care of our bodies is not only a matter of physical health but is also intertwined with our spiritual lives. This holistic approach underlines the importance of nurturing both aspects harmoniously.


Small Habits, Big Results

Our discussion's key focus was the power of small habit changes. Michelle emphasized that dramatic lifestyle overhauls are often less effective than minor, consistent adjustments in our daily routines. By integrating simple practices into our physical and spiritual lives, we can achieve substantial and sustainable results.


The Role of Community and Support

Michelle highlighted the importance of community and mutual support in maintaining physical and spiritual health. She believes in the strength of shared experiences and the encouragement of being part of a supportive network. This sense of community is vital in staying motivated and committed to our health goals.


Overcoming Challenges with Faith

Throughout the conversation, Michelle stressed the role of faith in overcoming health challenges. She shared how a solid spiritual foundation can provide the resilience and perspective needed to navigate the ups and downs of any health journey.


Faithful Workouts: A Brief Overview

While our conversation centered on the principles behind Michelle's approach, the practical application of these ideas in her Faithful Workouts program is worth noting. Designed specifically for women over 40, Faithful Workouts offers more than just exercise routines. It encompasses over 500 workout videos, healthy eating plans, and faith-based encouragement, all aimed at nurturing the body and the spirit.


About Michelle Spadafora

Michelle, a mother of three with over 30 years of marriage, brings a genuine and approachable style to health and fitness. Her passion for cooking, her love for laughter, and her appreciation of life's simple joys like a glass of wine or french fries, make her relatable and inspirational. Her mission extends beyond physical fitness; it's about reminding people of their intrinsic value and the love they deserve.


Discover more about Michelle and her holistic approach to health at Faithful Workouts.

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In this episode of the Eternal Leadership podcast, we delve into the unique concept of "Marketplace Mission Trips" with Mike Henry Sr., CEO and Lead Instigator of Follower of One. These innovative trips are designed to integrate faith into the workplace, offering both 2-week online and 6-week offline versions. Participants engage in daily devotionals, prayer, and evening calls to share experiences and encouragement. The program focuses on building spiritual strength, transforming mindsets, and experiencing God's work firsthand. Testimonies from diverse professionals like entrepreneurs, CEOs, nurses, and consultants highlight the profound impact on their work and faith.
Mike Henry Sr. is the CEO and Lead Instigator of Follower of One, deeply committed to helping individuals live out their faith in the marketplace. His mission is to mobilize believers to serve and inspire others, aiming to be a full-time minister in all aspects of life.
For more details, you can visit Follower of One. Follower Of One - Community for Marketplace Christians
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David consults, coaches, and trains sales organizations and sales professionals to tap into the power of orange to grow their business and clientele. David’s sales efforts have consistently exceeded expectations resulting in hundreds of millions raised by him and his sales teams.  David’s success is built on relationship building skills that have significant impact on sales as well as personal and professional growth.

David has served in several leadership roles for large financial and investment organizations, most recently at Inland Securities Corporation as Senior Vice President and Managing Director.  Prior to joining Inland, David was Director of Financial Services with AEI Fund Management Inc., and was responsible for wholesaling public and private net lease real estate investments and 1031 property exchanges through financial planners.  Additionally, David represented mutual funds at Carnegie Capital Asset Management LLC, sold trust services to financial brokers at Piper Jaffray, and sold limited partnerships to oil and gas companies at Dain Bosworth and Dyco Petroleum Corporation.  He also has significant experience in leading sales growth and teams in the manufacturing and technology industries.

David’s 40+ years of sales experience has culminated into an astute understanding in human behavior, specifically as it relates to the cultivation of high value business relationships.  Through practical experience and deliberate observation, David has mastered the capacity to attract a steady stream of high profitable relationships.  By his own admission, he can accurately assess a prospect’s behavioral tendencies in 90 seconds.  David is a sought-after speaker, presenter and trainer who enjoys sharing his proven strategies and practical tips to other sales professionals.  David believes strongly that anyone with the right mindset can accomplish far more than they thought possible.

David has a Bachelor of Arts from Ferris State University in Michigan and an MBA from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota where he was also an instructor.  David also had the privilege of serving in the US Army National Guard for 6 years before he officially began his sales career.

David is based in Minneapolis where he resides with his wife Randy of 57 years and enjoys spending time with his daughter Lisa and grandson Josh.  He is an avid golfer, expert art and antique collector and recent cancer survivor.  David’s favorite business book is “The Fred Factor” by Mark Sanborn.

Listen to this episode to hear more on David's path to success, and check out his book here!

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