Eternal Leadership

Here in this podcast, JEREMIE KUBICEK, an author of several books about leadership, confidently expounds on the importance of leadership that “transforms” a business in the context of knowing a specific culture and how it impacts the potentials of a business in producing good leaders.   Jeremie Kubicek # 293

This podcast is also rich in giving practical tips to the listeners and inspires one to know the value of self-awareness to succeed as a leader.  Jeremie also talks about the differences of leaders who merely “perform” to achieve individual successes, versus leaders who know the value of improving relationships. Jeremie stresses that leaders must help others to achieve their goals so they can be leaders themselves. 

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Here in this podcast, Vivian Mabuni, an Eastern Asian American author shares about her experiences as a cancer survivor and how her life has changed since she became a Bible-reader and a Christian follower.
An inspirational podcast from the guest speaker and author- Mabuni shares her previous background as a traditional Buddhist in Colorado and how she redefined her beliefs from being a practicing Buddhist. It was a phase when which she found detachment as a young teen until she became active in faith as a Christian.
Her challenges and ordeals as a cancer survivor and how she joyfully survived the loneliness of having to leave the place she grew up with as a teen to move to Hongkong. The podcast was reflective of how she progressed from being a passive believer of a specific culture to an emphatic follower of Christ where her beliefs are strengthened through Bible readings. Vivian Mabuni #292

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • What is leadership coaching?
  • How to create engaged managers and employees
  • The ROI of creating a coaching culture
  • How the best organizations engage all generations
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In this Halftime webinar, John remembers how he was able to thoroughly share the meaning of living in a struggling life, meeting a significant stumbling block, and surpassing such hindrances to living a better experience. Life may not have been easy for him at first, but his determination to move forward brought him to where he is today.

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