Eternal Leadership

Before becoming the founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze was a young boy who grew up in Germany with a vision and a dream of working with the finest hotels all over Europe. Horst Schulze worked from being a busboy dishwasher to becoming a legendary hotelier renowned for creating a culture of service with varied expertise in business growth and trends, corporate culture, leadership etc. Ritz Carlton grew into a global leader because of Horst Schulze’s belief that there’s a lot of people who has some big dreams and passions, and creating something extraordinary is absolutely possible.  Horst Schulze #283

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Lyle Tard had a lot of struggles growing up because he believed that his life wasn’t worthy. He suffered domestic abuse as a teenager and had a difficult time finding the meaning of life, love, and even his own identity. He tried to escape and left for the Airforce but actually found the turning point in his life that served as a catalyst for him to know about God. He got connected with Jesus and he realized that he is somebody to Him. He realized that God was birthing a leader in him of a different type of perspective. God has continuously done that for him just by provisions and by the people that God allowed him to meet. He believed that we have to hold on to the moments where God was able to show Himself through someone else. Lyle Tard # 282

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Linda brings over 25 years of leadership experience and 12+ years of full-time executive and leadership coaching to her clients. Linda has coached aspiring executives, new leaders and high-potential women across hardware, technology, healthcare, non-profit and other industries. In today’s podcast, Linda focuses on how to help women develop confidence and negotiate courageously in the corporate world. She wants to help not just the women, but also men on how they can find their true identity in a world where everybody expects you to be someone you’re not. While she shares with us her struggles and the challenges she encountered in looking for her true identity, she was grateful that she found God at the center of her life. Linda Davis #281

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Ty Bennett is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur in the world of leadership skills. He does a lot of speaking, training, coaching, hosting a podcast, writing books, and on-going consultations for different companies. Big companies have trusted Ty Bennett to come in and work with people to change their culture on how people lead to build teams to communicate better. Ty founded The Leadership Inc. Institute which partners with companies to enhance their leadership development. He has been featured in the Top 40 Under 40 and recently as one of the 10 Coolest Entrepreneurs in Utah - Ty Bennett #280

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Ron’s journey in becoming the person that he is today took a lot of tons of struggles and difficulties. Since childhood, losing his father at the age of four and going through a lot of experiences in trying to surpass fears and anxiety, he managed to be a successful individual. His life is a manifestation of hard-earned success through the discovery of his unique self. Let us get to learn from his sharing through today’s podcast.  Ron Kitchens #279

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