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Strategic Doing is a masterful process that makes everybody happy. The reason it’s so good is that it’s not a long process that takes months and months. It’s a much more agile process. The strength of the process is to bring people together and figu

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Lenwood is a digital transformation entrepreneur and former senior corporate attorney for an international retailer with over 20 years of experience advising executives at all levels on technology, management, and strategy. Most recently, he completed a Postgraduate Degree in digital business with an emphasis on digital platforms through a collaboration of MIT and the Columbia Business School Executive Education Program. He also has a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a degree from Yale University where he won the Roosevelt L. Thompson Prize for commitment to community service.

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Here in this podcast, JEREMIE KUBICEK, an author of several books about leadership, confidently expounds on the importance of leadership that “transforms” a business in the context of knowing a specific culture and how it impacts the potentials of a business in producing good leaders.   Jeremie Kubicek # 293

This podcast is also rich in giving practical tips to the listeners and inspires one to know the value of self-awareness to succeed as a leader.  Jeremie also talks about the differences of leaders who merely “perform” to achieve individual successes, versus leaders who know the value of improving relationships. Jeremie stresses that leaders must help others to achieve their goals so they can be leaders themselves. 

For more information and the links from the episode click here

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Here in this podcast, Vivian Mabuni, an Eastern Asian American author shares about her experiences as a cancer survivor and how her life has changed since she became a Bible-reader and a Christian follower.
An inspirational podcast from the guest speaker and author- Mabuni shares her previous background as a traditional Buddhist in Colorado and how she redefined her beliefs from being a practicing Buddhist. It was a phase when which she found detachment as a young teen until she became active in faith as a Christian.
Her challenges and ordeals as a cancer survivor and how she joyfully survived the loneliness of having to leave the place she grew up with as a teen to move to Hongkong. The podcast was reflective of how she progressed from being a passive believer of a specific culture to an emphatic follower of Christ where her beliefs are strengthened through Bible readings. Vivian Mabuni #292

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In this episode we discuss: 

  • What is leadership coaching?
  • How to create engaged managers and employees
  • The ROI of creating a coaching culture
  • How the best organizations engage all generations
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In this Halftime webinar, John remembers how he was able to thoroughly share the meaning of living in a struggling life, meeting a significant stumbling block, and surpassing such hindrances to living a better experience. Life may not have been easy for him at first, but his determination to move forward brought him to where he is today.

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Peace amidst the workplace or even amidst a chaotic environment may be an ironic situation. Janelle Bruland, on the other hand, as the guest for today emphasized that it may not come handy, but it is not impossible. In this podcast episode, we will be entertained, enlightened, and inspired to come up with an environment that radiates peace and harmony. Learning from her example and her real-life experiences, this podcast is going to bring us to places and concepts that we’ve never been to before. Janelle Bruland #289

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Culture varies from one place of another. In the same manner, culture is carried out by people and is lived out by people. The ability of an individual to make use of culture as an empowering force to deal with people within an organization is necessary to carry out a smooth and empowering culture. This inspires people in general, leading to collective success and growth. Horst Schultze started his narration by laying out how he started in the business of hotels and how, through acceptance of cultural differences and dealing with different people, he had managed to be a successful one.

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As a business leader, I have hungered for wisdom in many circumstances. Proverbs provides it. Dan and Drew bring to life this ageless guide and how you can lead conscientiously and courageously so that your company can flourish and perform. Take it with you to work! - Cheryl Bachelder, Former CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Board Member at Pier One, Chick-fil-A, and Procter & Gamble, and author of Dare to Serve

Through their own entrepreneurial ventures, and in their work helping thousands of business leaders grow--personally and professionally, Dan and Drew help you:

-Understand timeless leadership principles of Proverbs with application for today
-Gain clarity on how to make wise decisions
-Accelerate business growth and remove needless limitations
-Become a better leader of yourself, your business, your employees, and your community

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Jessica's journey in being an author and a motivational speaker is rooted in her personal experiences as a keen observer and as someone who is genuine concern about the connections of people. Specifically, those that are coming from different generations. She led a life filled with joy and enthusiasm with a vision that in the future, all generations will be profoundly and sincerely connected. Let us learn from her wisdom in this article. -Jessica Stolling #286

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After being eliminated in his position as a station manager for 18 months, Steve Laswell felt he was pushed out of the nest and sat numb in the passenger’s seat driving nowhere. But that moment forced him out of his comfort zone. He began to seek out what might be in his future. He reflected on his life’s journey, talked to his wife, family, and others he respected and prayed. He embraced his passion: the development of people. So after completing an executive coaching certification program, Next Level Executive Coaching,LLC was launched, his very own company. Steve Laswell believed that there are clues and touches in our story that if we pay attention to it the story will instruct us and connect us and lead us right into the future, just as what happened to his life. Steve Laswell #285

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From a little girl born of a mistress - abandoned and abused - to one of the highest paid females in the hospitality industry fighting for a seat in the boardroom - to an entrepreneurial mentor who impacts lives globally. Kelly Baader is a world-renowned digital sales and marketing strategist, certified business coach, Christian CEO podcast, best seller of the book in Amazon “A Little Girl Called Grace”, founder of the Christian CEO University, keynote speaker and a mentor to emerging entrepreneurs. Her journey was not an overnight success but God helped her made a decision to move out of the darkness and just followed Him step-by-step, moment by moment, and see God’s goodness in the process. Kelly Baader #284

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Before becoming the founding president and COO of Ritz-Carlton, Horst Schulze was a young boy who grew up in Germany with a vision and a dream of working with the finest hotels all over Europe. Horst Schulze worked from being a busboy dishwasher to becoming a legendary hotelier renowned for creating a culture of service with varied expertise in business growth and trends, corporate culture, leadership etc. Ritz Carlton grew into a global leader because of Horst Schulze’s belief that there’s a lot of people who has some big dreams and passions, and creating something extraordinary is absolutely possible.  Horst Schulze #283

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Lyle Tard had a lot of struggles growing up because he believed that his life wasn’t worthy. He suffered domestic abuse as a teenager and had a difficult time finding the meaning of life, love, and even his own identity. He tried to escape and left for the Airforce but actually found the turning point in his life that served as a catalyst for him to know about God. He got connected with Jesus and he realized that he is somebody to Him. He realized that God was birthing a leader in him of a different type of perspective. God has continuously done that for him just by provisions and by the people that God allowed him to meet. He believed that we have to hold on to the moments where God was able to show Himself through someone else. Lyle Tard # 282

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Linda brings over 25 years of leadership experience and 12+ years of full-time executive and leadership coaching to her clients. Linda has coached aspiring executives, new leaders and high-potential women across hardware, technology, healthcare, non-profit and other industries. In today’s podcast, Linda focuses on how to help women develop confidence and negotiate courageously in the corporate world. She wants to help not just the women, but also men on how they can find their true identity in a world where everybody expects you to be someone you’re not. While she shares with us her struggles and the challenges she encountered in looking for her true identity, she was grateful that she found God at the center of her life. Linda Davis #281

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Ty Bennett is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur in the world of leadership skills. He does a lot of speaking, training, coaching, hosting a podcast, writing books, and on-going consultations for different companies. Big companies have trusted Ty Bennett to come in and work with people to change their culture on how people lead to build teams to communicate better. Ty founded The Leadership Inc. Institute which partners with companies to enhance their leadership development. He has been featured in the Top 40 Under 40 and recently as one of the 10 Coolest Entrepreneurs in Utah - Ty Bennett #280

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Ron’s journey in becoming the person that he is today took a lot of tons of struggles and difficulties. Since childhood, losing his father at the age of four and going through a lot of experiences in trying to surpass fears and anxiety, he managed to be a successful individual. His life is a manifestation of hard-earned success through the discovery of his unique self. Let us get to learn from his sharing through today’s podcast.  Ron Kitchens #279

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Today’s podcast guest is a distinguished individual in the field of business and leadership. His expertise in the past decades has shaped him into the best version of himself, always ready to extend help to those who are in need. In this episode, he highly emphasized the importance of preparation. May we learn from his wisdom and sharing, and hopefully, begin to live our lives the way he did. Mike Mooney  #278

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A life worth-living as manifested by purpose and success. That is what our today’s podcast guest, Jeff Blanton is advocating. In as much as we would like to live a balanced life, we most of the time stumble and feel that we are not enough. In the same manner, we feel that there is much to do and we are only given limited time to do it. In his sharing, let us learn how to live a life with purpose while living it happily towards success. Jeff Blanton # 277

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Greg Yates’ life as the guest for today’s podcast episode brings light to the journey of brokenness into breaking through, from success to swamps, to success once more. in his life experiences and narration, we will undeniably learn a lot from it and hopefully, reflect on how we could also turn our lives into a successful and triumphant one. #276

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The podcast for today’s episode features the incredible story of Michele Williams on how she was able to overcome two of the most pivotal moments in her life and how she was able to inspire and help other people through her experiences. Michele Williams is a certified profit-first professional who focuses on creative business, financial health and profit-builder companies. She manages her own business and at the same time work with her clients to understand the impact of the choices they make and what it means for financial or business success. Michele Williams # 275

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Terry Tyson, as the guest for today’s podcast, is a great opportunity to learn from his wisdom and expertise. As he shares with us the power of God Almighty in his life, may we also realize that God is also wonderfully and joyfully working on our own respective lives? The people we deal with along with the steps we take together are all designed by God, making us realize that He is just there, at all times. #274 Terry Tyson

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The podcast episode for today features Jerry Nichols, an entrepreneur and at the same time, a servant of God in a variety of ways. Walking the talk, he managed to inspire a lot of people wherever he goes. May we learn from his experiences, expertise, and everything that he has to share. He will talk about how much the Holy Spirit directed his life and how he created a lot of fruitful blessings based on that opportunity. Jerry Nichols # 273

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Dale Mast has been an inspiration to a lot of people. His leadership skills, along with his ability to be an instrument for others to become leaders too is admirable. His unique sets of skills is indeed a blessing to people he meets, and he continues to live a life filled with grace. Let us learn from today’s podcast with the utmost enthusiasm as we listen to his fruitful sharing.

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Today’s episode features Warwick Fairfax, a man of struggles and triumph. Growing up in a very successful media business and going through a series of failure, he was able to emerge victorious and courageous after a lot of difficulties. His faith and his unfailing dedication to work and service made him the kind of man that he is today. Let us together learn from his experiences through today’s podcast. Warwick Fairfax #272

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Jeff Rogers is an established author, inspirational speaker, and an international personality in the world of business and legacy. Through his sharing of experiences, this podcast episode has been very lively, informative, and inspirational. The Eternal leadership podcast is very blessed to have him as a guest for today’s episode. Let us get to know him by listening to all the great things that he has to share. #271

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The guest for today’s podcast is a living testimony of goodness. With all his efforts, he tries his best to fulfill the role of being a president of a non-profit organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation. To be the light for those who are in the dark days, the dedication that this man had shown is exemplary and is very inspiring to everyone. Let us learn from his sharing as he tries to make it clear to us what it takes to be truly human. #269

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An incredible woman filled with positive energy that is what Dale Wilsher is all about. In today’s podcast episode, let us all together learn with her as we journey on an exciting and at the same time, meaningful quest for authentic personality. Aside from being a coach and a motivational speaker, Dale dedicated her life to serving other people for a greater purpose. As we discover the points presented by her, may we pause, ponder, and reflect on our own lives to be fully immersed on this journey. #268

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The guest for today’s podcast episode is an international figure who has been conducting different forums of sharing in almost all walks of life. As an economist, he managed to create a striking balance between living a perfect life while following a perfect plan. “The Perfect Plan” as his book has been an earth-shattering innovation in the world of business and of the economy. Let us learn from his wisdom as he shares different points to ponder in this podcast interview.

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Just like the relationship we have with our spouse, the working relationship we have with our team members and colleagues also needs to be nurtured and taken care of.


Most of us spend 40% of our time at the office and many of us are as committed to our work like how we are to our marriage. It’s but right to ensure that we and the people we work with are mentally and emotionally well.

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As entrepreneurs, how are we going to represent Jesus in the market place where we are most likely going to see things from a secular business perspective?

Join us today in another insightful and relatable discussion with a previous guest who inspired us to discover our inner potential, believe in ourselves, and become a great individual despite our brokenness. Let’s journey with him and witness how he patiently listens and obediently follows God’s calling.

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Justine Knapp, the CEO of The Space Together has focused his entire life looking for his purpose to accomplish his ambition of working with people. His destiny seems to unfold in front of him as he grew up and he realized that all the things that happened to him were a part of a divine plan that God prepared for him. At first, everything started to him as a joke of finding one’s purpose through God. But as time passes by, he came to think of the limitless possibilities that God has in store for him. Get to know his journey and be inspired by how we could all be a living manifestation of God’s plan and intervention.

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship is a book by Bill Aulet (the Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship at MIT) that breaks down the necessary processes into an integrated, comprehensive, and proven 24-step framework that any industrious person can learn and apply. 


Eternal Leadership guest, Mike McCausland is one of only 33 people licensed by MIT to teach their Disciplined Entrepreneurship (D.E.) course. Hear today how Mike got to MIT, how that course changed the direction of his life, and how The Leadership Institute For Entrepreneurs ( is aiming to change how Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs approach building businesses and do missions.


Whether you’re a first-time or repeat entrepreneur, Disciplined Entrepreneurship gives you the tools you need to improve your odds of making a product people want.


If you use the coupon code ETERNAL during checkout, you’ll get 25% off Disciplined Entrepreneurship or Identity Driven Entrepreneurship … or use the code ETERNALCOMBO to get 35% off, if you buy them both!

Go to:

to learn more!


Go here to check out the May 2019 Conference:

Go here to check out the in-person courses before the conference: 

Disciplined Entrepreneurship:

Identity Driven Entrepreneurship:


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From nuclear power plants to humanitarian work in over 130 countries, James 1:27 was Mike McCausland's call from God to make a difference in the lives of others. He quickly learned that helping people can sometimes hurt them. Listen to this summarized encore episode of Eternal Leadership Episode #79:


Tomorrow, we'll hear an update from Mike.

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Darryl Lyons emphasized the idea of having a strong background about financial matters, most importantly, matters concerning money management. At a younger age, he realized the value of money management and dedicated his life to educating people on how to also do the same. Let us learn from his experience and let us begin to think like him in a variety of ways to be successful in our respective fields.

What you will learn:

• Identify how to train your mind in making decisions
• Learning flexibility in terms of changed plans along the way
• Creating a plan considering your plan and the plan of God
• Making a legacy in the lives of others
• Creating a growth centered on faith, hope, and discipline


To learn more go here for the Show Notes:

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Aging is a topic that Steve has become passionate about in the last couple of years. On this special episode, Steve & John have a short conversation about some of the coming technologies that are going to allow us to age better, have more vitality & health longer, and possibly live longer than any generation since the days of Genesis.


If you like this kind of short conversation episode and want to hear more of these, please let Steve & John know:


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The guest for today’s podcast episode has been an inspiration to a lot of people because of his ability to produce talks and speeches which are not only intellectually-rooted but are also motivating. He is Biagio Sciacca or also known as Bill to his friends. He also manages to run businesses which he is passionate about, and with all of those, he leads to be humble and inspiring to the best of his capacity. Indeed, this article is something that we can learn a lot from. With his background of philosophy and economics, the combined system of these branches of knowledge had made him as the person that he is right now.

To learn more go here for the Show Notes:


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Becoming Your Best

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How often do we hear people pray for business, for business owners and market leaders, and pray for a business partnership with God?

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Answer the Call

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How You Can Build A Better Business Today

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Listen to the voice within

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You can take risks and still enjoy life!


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Creating a coalition of profitability to drive your business to greater success. 

CLICK HERE for resources on our conversation with Ryan.

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The Life Giving Leader

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Finding Common Ground in Uncommon Time

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A Simple Path to Spiritual Intimacy for Couples

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