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What if we could resolve the exhausting struggle between work, family, and spiritual life? What if we recognized a deep connection between faith and business? What if biblical values weren’t roadblocks but actually the source of successful business? What if the real goal of business were more noble than maximizing profit? What if we could see our everyday work as having spiritual value? What if we could approach it as ministry? What if it were our calling, a calling as high as that of a pastor or missionary? What if God cared deeply about our work and wanted to be involved? And what if we could even partner with him in our business?

Many of us believe the key to resolving the tension between work and faith lies in a more balanced life. Pursuing balance is important, Eldred explains, but that noble effort still leaves us with compartmentalized lives. We still sense that all those prime hours of our day have little or no spiritual significance.

The Power of Second Chances


It is something that many struggle with and find it hard to get help for.  When you are depressed, you can feel so stuck that the future feels hopeless.  In this interview Tim shares practical steps on how to make those small steps forward that will bring back hope in your life. 

"Tomorrow is a new day, a day of second chances--and it is up to us to go ignite that!" - Tim Brown

Leaders typically find it hard to admit weakness, be vulnerable and ask for help.  Tim shares his inner journey through hell back to a life of joy and fulfillment.  After the financial crash of 2008 Tim lost over $55 million in assets as he watched forces beyond his control decimate the company he had built.  Tim's identity came from his role as a CEO, his view of his competence and how he was seen by his peers.  He had been so focused on his identity and business that his marriage fell apart as well.  Feeling that he had lost everything there were two distinct points where Tim considered just ending it all.  This journey that Tim went through has become an incredible book that I know will help millions.

"The magic about jumping into the Parade is that you can lead from the back, the front or the middle.  Just jump in and live your life to the fullest." - Tim Brown

What you will learn

  • How to live life from the inside out
  • How to heal from the inside out
  • The power of  living in your integrity and being authentic
  • To let go of the past and live fully in the present
  • That no matter how things appear, it will get better
  • One simple tool that will bring joy back in your life


A Personal Journey to a Joyful and Fulfilling Life

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Stephen McGhee - Tim's leadership coach 

Jumping Into The Parade

This book delivers a message of hope and a victory story from someone who faced their edge. The content in the book deals delivers inspiration, the power of reframing and perspective, thoughts of suicide, over coming depression, living from the inside out, serving others, spiritual connection and navigating a mid-life crisis. It provides a roadmap, for lack of a better term, on helping people become joyful by living their lives authentically


Tim Brown is a devoted father, businessman and community leader. He is the founder of Three Creative, a leadership organization that aims to provide the motivation for each of us to focus on faith, family and friends at our core by delivering a simple message: for true success, you must live and lead from the inside out.

Previously, he was the president of Concord Energy Holdings, a Colorado-based integrated commodity logistics and oilfield services company. Prior to Concord, he was the Founder and CEO of Radius Media Holdings, a position he held for more than 11 years. Radius Media provided a broad stratum of marketing platforms that ranged from radio broadcasting, including 12 locations in Colorado, 18 owned-and-operated live events in the Colorado resort communities, a large-format printing company and a sponsorship marketing agency. Clients included CBS Outdoor, The City and County of Denver’s Theatres and Arenas and multiple national advertising agencies.

Brown began his career more than 20 years ago in sales management in the high tech and telecommunications industry. During the course of a decade, he worked with both established and start-up companies in Denver, Chicago and Sydney, Australia including Cisco Systems, Alteon Web Systems (Nortel Networks), American Power Conversion and Xircom. His passion was finding new ways to genuinely serve his customers, build strong internal teams and focus on long-term, meaningful relationships in the workplace and in the community.

Brown earned a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University with a focus on political science and continues to support the University through business and personal endeavors.

Brown understands the importance of community involvement and is committed both personally and professionally to helping others experience the freedom we receive by living and leading from the inside out. He has shared his passion by delivering keynote presentations at international franchisee conferences, MasterMind Groups, YPO events and industry conferences, as well as during public CSU forum discussions. He continues to share his message with groups, large and small, and has created a corporate training program designed to inspire, motivate and improve the working and personal lives of employees, managers and executive teams by teaching them how to Jump into their own Parade.

During the past decade, Brown was instrumental in helping The Colorado Meth Project, Man Therapy, Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, and other non-profit organizations through his past board involvement with a large family foundation. He now serves as a board member for the Denver Council of Boy Scouts of America, Colorado Uplift, and Lead Like Jesus. He is also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of YPO International. He is also a member of Restoration Community Church in Denver.

A former half-IRONMAN triathlete, he now spends his spare time with a focus on his faith, family and friends. You can often find him on the baseball fields with his son, riding his cruiser bike through his hometown of Denver, hiking the mountains of Colorado, taking photographs, throwing the ball to Blue Dog Brown the Black Labrador, trying to keep up on the ski slopes with his son, reading whatever he can get his hands on, listening to music (the radio, of course) and traveling to new places to experience different cultures

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Dan Meylan talks about how to strengthen the fabric of your business and make a significant Kingdom impact through business. Through this Dan started Weavers with a goal of equipping 10,000 leaders to develop significant Kingdom businesses.

A big part of being effective in his journey is through the Christian leadership organization Pinnacle Forum

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Would you like to impact millions!

“I want to have an impact in so many people’s lives…that when I die, there’s not a building big enough to hold all of the people that want to come from all over the world.” –Cliff Ravenscraft

In this episode, Cliff Ravenscraft shares how he discovered his true calling in life. He reveals how he had exchanged his relationship with God for a relationship with the institution of the church, information about God and a moral code of conduct. At a crossroads in his life, he chose to “divorce” these relationships and embrace God’s love instead. This enabled him to begin living in accordance with his favorite Scripture, 1 Peter 3:15: “…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…”

He now wakes up every day and says, “God, show me how limitless your love is for me…even if I continually sin, show me that you still love me.” It is with this love that he is able to love and inspire and encourage others, reaching ( how many?) listeners (daily/monthly.)

“The motto I live by: Always preach the gospel, and sometimes use words.” –Cliff Ravenscraft 

You will learn

  •  How to live the life God is calling you to
  • How to break our relationships with rules and institutions and return to our Heavenly Father
  • How to use your line of work to serve and love others
  • How to help others become who they were created to be
  • How to cast off shame and guilt and live a life full of joy


The Podcast Answer Man - Michael Hyatt referred me to Cliff to start my podcast

Cliff's Podcast - This is at the top of my list to listen to each week!

I have been asked a number of questions on how to podcast and how I got started.  Cliff is absolutely the best.  I took his Podcasting A to Z course and went from zero to successful launch by the end of this great course.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made!!



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Success to Significance

Click here to get Halftime – From Success to Significance FREE.  We’ll even pay the shipping!

Coaches Corner

Our goal is to add value to you by addressing the questions you have submitted.  Please comment below so we can include your question on the next episode!The goal of coaching is to accelerate a leader’s development.  Coaching speeds learning time, enabling leaders to make significant leaps in learning and behavior change in a matter of months rather than years.

Too many people focus the better part of their lives on the wrong things: the company’s agenda, other peoples’ ideas of success . . . money. Over time, this leads to frustration and emptiness. True freedom comes as a people discover their God-given design and pour themselves into service for others.”  –Jeff Spadafora


Halftime Institute


Click here to get Halftime – From Success to Significance FREE.  We’ll even pay the shipping!

Why are we doing this?  This is one of the most impactful books I have ever read.  It changed the direction of my life and I know you will find huge value in it.

 Uncover the key questions and challenges facing everyone during this unique season of life

 Learn how to create capacity to catch a new vision for a life of joy, Kingdom impact and balance

 Discover how to transition from success to significance!



Halftime Institute 

Become a member of the Halftime Institute and accelerate your journey

Get your copy of Halftime shipped to you for free

Meet your coach

Jeff Spadafora is the Director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for The Halftime Institute. He spent 20 years as a leadership and executive development consultant for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears & Roebuck, Compuware, Domino’s Pizza, Visteon, Northern Trust Bank, Helene Curtis, and Sky Chefs.

In 2005, Jeff was inspired by Bob Buford’s book Halftime and began his journey of discovering God’s true purpose for the second half of his life. As he worked with his Halftime coach, it became clear that his calling was to help other people discover their calling.

He has coached over 130 men and women through the Halftime Journey and continues to make this a primary part of his ministry. As the leader of The Halftime Institute’s global coaching staff, he is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing Halftime Certified coaches throughout the world.

In addition to being the lead designer of the Halftime curriculum and one of the primary facilitators of workshops for groups of people embarking on the Halftime journey, Jeff also writes and speaks globally about the issues of life purpose, joy, and kingdom impact.

He lives in Evergreen Colorado with his wife Michelle and 3 teenage children.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and everything else the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.

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True Success Through Nurturing Relationships

“People of integrity expect to believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” – Kevin Knebl

In this episode, world-renowned businessman, speaker and author Kevin Knebl shares the key to his incredible success. Kevin has the heart of a true servant leader. In each of his relationships, Kevin takes a sincere interest in others and what is important to them. God has given him a deep desire to connect with others; his success has been a natural outcome of that desire.

“I realized that if I created and nurtured relationships, I’d never worry about business. There would be an endless pipeline of referrals, there would be more business than I could handle, and that’s absolutely what God has manifested in my life.” –Kevin Knebl

Kevin lives each day fully in the present moment. He trusts God completely for his success and his future. Listen as he teaches you specific steps to do the same in your life.

You will learn

  • Why you should focus on your attitude and work ethic instead of just the “harvest”
  • How to cultivate skillful questioning and active listening in your interactions with others
  • The difference between manipulation and influence—and use the latter to serve others
  • Daily habits to slow down and live in the present
  • Trusting God in the big and little things is the true secret to success


Kevin's Website - I read this blog regularly

Sign up for Kevin's newsletter

Contact Kevin - He would love to hear from you

Kevin's LinkedIn page

Kevin's Facebook page

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People of the church and people in the business world often have a difficult time relating to one another. Furthermore, a businessperson who is also a Christian may often encounter roadblocks to walking out his or her faith in the marketplace, often coming from those in his or her very own church!

Dr. Peter Wagner explores the history of this disparity and the possible solutions to closing the gap between the traditional church values and the business culture. He discusses the need for mentorship from those who do understand “the rules” in both cultures and can help bring them together.

 “The leaders of the nuclear church understand only one rulebook…furthermore, many of them think that the rulebook of the extended church is wrong.” –Peter Wagner


In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The history of the church movements in the workplace and where they went wrong
  • How you already have your own ripe mission field in your workplace and the keyword is service
  • How we as Christians need to reject the old paradigm that business success and a godly ministry cannot go hand-in-hand
  • How to be “kingdom-minded” in all that we do and help others do the same


Wagner Leadership Institute

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts – Peter Wagner

Ed Solvoso’s book “Anointed for Business”

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Business leadership can be a lonely place.  Amy Everette shares how she has experience incredible breakthroughs and miracles through one simple change in her business.  Prayer

As co-owner and Chief Prayer Officer of Marketplace ROCK, Amy Everette is dedicated to seeing people, businesses and whole industries transformed for the Kingdom of God, empowered to positively impact the world. She is a marketplace and ministry leader with a heart and passion for bringing God’s people together AS ONE, in the spirit, through prayer (John 17). Her business, ministry and personal life are interwoven with prayer and a desire to see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally… setting them free to fulfill their destiny in God’s Kingdom.

In addition to her spiritual strength, Amy calls on 26+ years of experience in management consulting, call center operations, relationship management technology and sales/management skills training bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to business people in all industries. This experience is backed by an undergraduate business degree in marketing and an MBA.

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Steve's journey of faith and how he was able to lean in to God during the hardest of times will inspire you. Read more about Steve's journey at

After a tour as a special forces tunnel rat in Vietnam, Steve Haynes had a remarkable business career.  At the height of this he received a call.

The call was from the White House where he became the National Security Advisor to Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama.  

Steve felt a calling to take his experience and minister to those in the workplace.  He left government to join The Navigators and started the Faith@Work ministry that serves over 55,000 business people every week.


John has been married for 25 years to his best friend and has three incredible boys.  It has been three years since a near fatal accident has changed the trajectory of his life.  Without the incredible support of God, his family and amazing friends he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

As he recovered he sought direction on why God saved him and what He now wants John to do.  God gave John a new calling: take the life He’s given him and pour it into other leaders to equip and inspire them to work in His Kingdom.

John's twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair has led him to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Join the conversation at Eternal Leadership


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Matt Heard shares a transformational journey with us.  Matt was the senior Pastor of Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs the last 12 years.

He resigned last year to write an incredible book titled 'Live with a capital L'.  I John 10:10 Jesus states " I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full."  Matt shares in a compelling way how to live a full life that we all long for.

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There comes a point in life where one desires to live a life that is filled with significance.  If you are on the journey of living life to become all that you were created to be, this is the podcast for you.  

Eternal Leadership, with John Ramstead and Steve Reiter, will equip you to achieve success personally, professionally and spiritually.  This show provides expert input to bring clarity to the complex issues you face every day.

Subscribe and join our community to find guidance, coaching, mentorship and discipleship.

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