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Deb Brown Maher is an accomplished business owner, sales coach, author, speaker, artist and devout Christ-follower. Her professional background testifies of her ability as a relationship catalyst; one who helps people connect in meaningful ways through the art of conversation.

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Os Hillman formerly owned and operated an ad agency in Atlanta for 12 years. He began Marketplace Leaders in 1995 and since then Os has encouraged thousands of men and women to seek God’s calling on their own lives as it relates to their vocation and to view their work as ministry. Marketplace Leaders and the TGIF devotional that is read in 104 countries today helps men and women fulfill their calling and purpose in their work and life. Os has written 21 books and spoken in more than 26 nations around the globe encouraging, equipping and educating people to live out God’s calling in their lives.

Join us for a conversation on how we can successfully partner with God in our lives and ministry.

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Deborah Spencer is a Harvard-educated lawyer with a heart to uplift oppressed women and girls.  The people she serves have been identified by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the BBC as some of the most exploited in our world today.  She co-founded and leads an organization that trains them to end child marriages and child labor, to form a barrier of prevention against trafficking in their homes and communities, and to lift themselves above the poverty level.

Join us for a conversation about an important struggle going on every day that we rarely ever see.

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Joel began his career as a CPA with the prestigious firm of Price Waterhouse. During his time with the company’s Entrepreneurial Services Group, Joel immersed himself in the real estate syndication business. After reviewing hundreds of partnership agreements and preparing as many tax returns, he left Price Waterhouse in 1986 to start his own syndication firm, raising several million dollars in three short years. By 1990, Joel had built a property management firm of more than 40 employees with a portfolio exceeding $100 million. Joel continues to syndicate real estate and other assets, as well as counseling other promoters on successful syndication strategies. He is also involved in film financing and invests in early-stage companies and other deals.

Join us for a conversation about what smart moves to make in this coming year.

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