Eternal Leadership

How to Bring Faith, Love, and Hope to Our Communities

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Power Is Not What You Think

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Loving Your Neighbor In A Time of Trial

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How to Inspire and Equip Those We Influence

Click HERE for details of our conversation with Art.

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How Can One Person Disciple a Nation?

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How Strong Are Your Relationships at Work?

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Build Your Influence by Solving Problems

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5 Elements Of Creating A Family Vision.

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Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again

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How to Be the Best Boss that You Can Be

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How to Thrive in Adversity

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How to Prepare for a Successful Retirement

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How To Lead, Equip, and Launch Others

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Walking into a Place of Healing and Forgiving

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How to Find God in the Middle of the Struggle

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Finding Hope When Things Are Spinning Out of Control

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Discovering Who the Person God Made You to Be... Despite the Lack of Clarity

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Discover Real Healing by Facing Your World, Your Humanity, and Yourself

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How to Empower Professional Women

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How to Identify, Move Towards, and Reach Your Worthwhile Dreams

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Connecting Our Passions to Our Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared

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How to Move from Expectation to Agreement in Two Simple Steps

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From Unfulfilled to Engaged and Happy

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Bring Your Organization into the Digital-first Age

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Connecting Our Faith with the Work That We Do Everyday

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The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

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How To Beat Imposter Syndrome

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How to Bounce Back from Seemingly Hopeless Setbacks

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How to Get Out of "Survival Mode" to Live Your Authentic Life with Jesus

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How to Help Yourself and Others During Challenging Times

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How to Lead a Business, a Cause, or a Movement

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Why Millennials Matter

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How We Can Be a Miracle in Other People's Lives

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How to Step Out of Our Box to Make  a Difference

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The F Word that Can Set You Free... Forgiveness

CLICK HERE for the resources from our conversation with Casey.

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Leading the Next Generation... Starting with Our Own Kids

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kristen.

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From Rags to Riches to Ruin to Redemption

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Joe.

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Experience the Kingdom of Heaven Here on Earth

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Steven.

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How Partnering with God Can Take Your Business Where Grinding Can't

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Shae.

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Knowing Who You Are As A Leader 

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Hans.

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On Monday, Steve was featured by Rich Marshall (Ep. 84) on his new TV show God@Work on God.TV.

Check out the video here.

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How to Get Paid What You Are Worth

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Dorie.

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How to Develop Trusting Relationships

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Roy.

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How To Stay True To Who You Are to Obtain Success, Balance and Fulfillment. 


CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Lisa and Paula. 

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Unleashing Your Leadership is a new podcast from our dear friends at Pinnacle Forum.  They were so instrumental in their early support and assistance with our Eternal Leadership launch almost 4 years ago, we want to help them get the word out.

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How to Make Public Relations Work for You and Your Business

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Gary. 

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How to Develop a Great Mentor-Mentee Relationship

 CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Diane.

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CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Chris. 

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How the Mutuality Mindset Helps Us Work with Others Towards Something Meaningful

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kare. 


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Find Your Big Why to Impact the World Around You

"If what we teach on how to relate with other people is inconsistent with how we would relate to our family, then there's something wrong with it." - Chuck Blakeman

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Chuck.

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How Do We Operate in the World As Believers with People Who Have Completely Different Belief Systems?

CLICK HERE for resources from or conversation with Garris.

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The Only Two Things We Can Control As We Follow the 3 Steps to Success

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Kevin.

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How to Protect Our Children from the Negative Influence of Media

In this episode, Tina passionately shared her insider knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes of Hollywood's projects. She also revealed how some celebrities are doing a balancing act between what they do onscreen and how they are the complete opposite when they are at home with their kids.

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Tina.



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What's in Store for You in Season 3 of the Eternal Leadership Podcast


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Become the Right Kind of Influence Despite the Seemingly Bad Circumstances Around Us

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Allen.

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A Better Way to Live, Love and Create

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Allen.

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Leadership and Mental Tougness Lessons from a Gulf War Veteran

CLICK HERE for resources from our conversation with Wade.

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Craft Your Company's Vision and Manage Your Team Effectively.
CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Scott.
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The fundamentals of writing.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Katy.

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Culture, trust, relationship and communication military mindset.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Chris.

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Time-honored principles and disciplines of leadership.

CLICK HERE for details from our conversation with Gene.

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