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Warwick Fairfax is the founder of Crucible Leadership, a philosophical and practical breakthrough in turning business and personal failures into the fuel for igniting a life of significance. Fairfax was only 26 when, as the fifth-generation heir to the Australian media empire bearing his family name, he led―and lost―a multibillion-dollar public takeover bid. The result? The company founded by his great-great grandfather slipped from family control after 150 years, leaving him to examine not only his own shortcomings and losses, but also his life’s principles and the lessons he learned from family members who came before him and some of history’s greatest leaders. By shaping these insights as a leadership adviser, Fairfax has enabled others to learn from what he describes as their own “crucible experiences” and emerge to lead lives driven by vision and passion and dedicated to serving others.

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3 life-threatening illnesses have given Tom Hulsey a wonderful perspective on life. He never intended to take this journey, but through his cancer and a heart attack, he found a sense of a higher meaning in his plight by switching from nursing his personal sense of tragedy(s) to encouraging empathy for others. Tom's journey has created a passion in him to help others battle adversity. As both a survivor and advocate, Tom is passionate about utilizing his lived experiences to fuel positive changes and impact the health of our world. 

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Jim and Martha Brangenberg committed their lives to full-time ministry as teenagers and later recognized that their workplace answered that call. As entrepreneurs and business owners, Jim and Martha learned their work was significant in the Kingdom of God and able to reach people who would never set foot in a church. Since 2013, Jim and Martha have co-hosted the iWork4Him Talk Show challenging thousands across the globe with the simple message that your workplace is your mission field. They have recently added podcasts for iRetire4Him and sheWorks4Him into their line-up. In addition to the podcasts and radio spots, speaking, and mentoring, they have co-authored the collaborative books of iWork4Him, sheWorks4Him, and iRetire4Him. Learn more about Jim, Martha, and iWork4Him at

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Dr. Johnny Parker is the Director of Counseling and Men’s Ministry at First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. As an executive coach, keynote speaker and adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Johnny Parker helps pro athletes, CEO’s, ministry leaders and high-achievers experience authentic success by viewing their life as a story so they flourish in what matters most. Dr. Parker has served as life coach and consultant for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Redskins and Washington Mystics and he regularly helps pro athletes (NFL, NBA, PGA and WNBA) and CEO’s develop healthy personal/professional lives and strong relationships.

Find his book Turn the Page: Unlocking the Story Within You here!

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