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After playing Chief Everything Officer for multiple businesses almost killed him, Richard Shaull made it his mission to ensure other entrepreneurs didn’t go through the same struggles alone. His passion is pairing visionary entrepreneurs with their Operations Counterpart and training the two of them to work in tandem. 

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Brigadier General (Retired) Doug “Odie” Slocum has 35 years in the U.S. Air Force served and last served as the Commanding General of Selfridge ANGB, earning awards for being the top Air National Guard Wing in the country. Doug is a career fighter pilot with 4,100 hours flying F-4, F-16, and A-10 aircraft. He has authored over 250 lessons, textbooks and professional publications, and has championed nationwide programs for suicide prevention, and more, resulting in his being inducted into the Air Force Safety Hall of Fame. Embracing the Others Over Self® mindset, Doug serves as the Primary Instructor of Military Cultural Competency for the Warriors With Warriors Program: Connecting Spiritual Warriors with Earthly Warriors.

He has also taken the time to make a page just for our listeners! Check it out here:

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Michael J. Marx, MBA, EdD, PCC, CMCC.  Michael is an ICF Professional Certified Coach specializing in business coaching and corporate consultation. Dr. Marx serves on the ICF Independent Review Board and leads the team for the Ethical Interpretive Statements. Additionally, he the author of Ethics and Risk Management for Christian Coaches (2016). Currently he serves as the Administrative Direction of Success Unlimited Network. He and his team have founded a non-profit call Coaching Suicide Awareness.

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Duane Donner serves on several faith-based ministry boards including Bridge2Rwanda and Highlands College. Duane has been an active member of Church of the Highlands since 2001. He has a passion for connecting and investing in high-capacity leaders for Kingdom purpose, which is what led him to start the Heritage Forum in 2017. Duane has started, operated, bought, and sold businesses and advised clients across a range of industries over his 25-year business career. He is the Founder and CEO of Founders Advisors, a middle market M&A advisory firm he started in 2003.

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John W. Stevenson is the founder of Heirs International Ministries, Heirs Media Group, serving as president and CEO, and Heirs Covenant Church located in Hamilton, Ohio just north of Cincinnati, where he serves as apostle and senior pastor. He is the CEO / Overseer of THE EMBASSY: A Regional Center for Kingdom Transformation, a 140,000 Sq. Ft. facility which is the home of Heirs Covenant Church, Genesis Life and Recovery, and other Kingdom minded entities. 

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Natalie Mills is a leading ladies fashion, jewelry and accessory brand – styling women globally with a “Luxury for Less” concept. 

Originally from South Africa, Natalie immigrated to the United States and knows what it means to create the American Dream— from selling her handmade jewelry to neighbors at 8 years old to being named a best-selling product for 2020 on NBC.  She has sold products on HSN, been awarded the Einstein Greencard Award (an achievement only given to top 1% globally for her business mind!) and is recognized as a trend setter and style leader in fashion with her signature “Bling” designs.

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Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Master Certified Coach, is president of Covisioning, a leadership training and coaching firm. She holds a doctoral degree in organizational psychology and master's degrees in education and communications. She is a former International Coaching Federation global president and has been hired by organizations to teach coaching skills across Southern Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Russia, China, and North America. She is the author of five books, including Outsmart Your Brain, Wander Woman, and The Discomfort Zone. 

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Miles Mettler is a writer, speaker, and coach who is passionate about bringing out the best in people and helping families thrive. He attended South Dakota State University, where he received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Miles is an ambassador for Focus on the Family, a global Christian ministry located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A lifelong learner, Miles is certified as a life coach, a Leading from Your Strengths facilitator, and self-talk trainer. He enjoys speaking, coaching, writing, and opining on his blog at

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Jon Sanders and Les Hughes know a hard, rarely shared truth about life in ministry: that hundreds of pastors leave vocational ministry every month. Frequently, financial scarcity and anxiety that comes with it are key factors in the departures. Out of this knowledge, a desire for more financial freedom and margin for their own families, and a passion to help others claim that freedom for themselves, EntrePastors was born.

EntrePastors helps pastors think, act, and thrive as prosperous entrepreneurs. Through podcasts, a membership community, and mastermind groups, EntrePastors provides the tools and support community to help pastors and others with a ministry background achieve financial and time freedom and escape the stressful paycheck to paycheck life that often accompanies vocational ministry.

Find their info here:

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Peter Docker teaches people how to navigate the challenge of leadership. His latest book, Leading from the Jumpseat, delivers the message that leadership is about lifting people up and giving them the space they need so that, when the time is right, they can take the lead. Peter draws on his 25-year career in the Royal Air Force, and over 14 years spent partnering with businesses around the world, to inspire others to Lead from the Jumpseat.

Find more on his website:

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This week I am joined by Terilyn Miller, Johnny Parker, and Eric Bents of Pinnacle Forum. Listen in as we dive deep into trauma, loneliness, and how to build your community. This is essential advice for everyone, no matter what walk of life you are in.

Find more on our guests on the Pinnacle Forum site:

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A sought-after keynote speaker, Likky Lavji is passionate about helping others “break barriers” to unleash their human potential. His cheeky-titled new book Death By BS has hit Amazon’s #1 Selling Author List. With over 25 years as a CEO of a top IT company, Likky’s extensive experience in executive leadership has given him a unique perspective that remains unchartered by leaders and organizations in understanding the layers beneath human behavior and how it impacts growth and productivity of an organization. He has been acknowledged by prominent organizations, including Telus Corporation, Lenovo Canada and Royal Bank of Canada for his ability to create mindset shift when it comes to commitment and powerful performance to achieve results.

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Born into poverty to a drug-addicted mother, Rebecca Contreras had been a “lost girl” for almost two decades when, at age 19, she found herself to be a drop out, welfare dependent teenage mother. As a high school dropout with substance-abuse and emotional trauma tendencies, she was well on her way to perpetuating the generational cycle of destruction and becoming a statistic lost to the system and her upbringing. But a sudden, transformative embrace by God, filling the trenches dug by rejection in her past, changed everything and put her on a journey to her unbelievable “God Story” and transformation!

Find out more on her website!

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Duane Donner serves on several faith-based ministry boards including Bridge2Rwanda and Highlands College. Duane has been an active member of Church of the Highlands since 2001. He has a passion for connecting and investing in high-capacity leaders for Kingdom purpose, which is what led him to start the Heritage Forum in 2017. Duane has started, operated, bought, and sold businesses and advised clients across a range of industries over his 25-year business career. He is the Founder and CEO of Founders Advisors, a middle market M&A advisory firm he started in 2003. Duane is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and holds a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette as well as an M.B.A. from the University of Alabama.

Find more here:

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Bob Lotich is a high-performance financial coach, Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF®) and has been named a top-20 influencer in personal finance. His writing and advice has been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Inc., Beliefnet, Time, and many others. For the last 15 years he’s shared his best lessons with over 52 million readers and listeners on his award-winning blog, and SeedTime Money Podcast. 

Find his website here:

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Michael Phillips was pushed to the margins of the school system.  As a kid, a teacher essentially told him he’d never amount to anything. That was followed by a series of losses—his father’s death, getting in a life-altering car accident, and losing his college scholarship—which led him to abandon his hopes of a better life and turn to dealing drugs. But when he was arrested, a judge gave him a second chance at college rather than 30 years in prison if convicted, and that changed his whole life trajectory. Enough so that his son even attended and graduated from Harvard! 

Michael would love to share what we can do individually to create change and give every child an opportunity to dream and succeed.

Find his website here and his Ted talk here!

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Steve White's path from the housing projects to president of Comcast West was punctuated by defining, and often heart-wrenching, moments. These moments helped him identify what matters most and how he positively made a difference in his life and in those around him.

Steve's hard-won insights will help you find your fight, pursuing what matters most and discovering where you can make the biggest difference.

Find more about Steve on his website!

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Darryl Lyons is one of PAX Financial’s three founders and current CEO. Before PAX, Darryl was on track for a future on Wall Street, but his love for Texas and dreams of a more rewarding career led him to create PAX Financial instead. In his time outside of PAX, Darryl has lobbied in DC for small business reform, chaired a board that redeveloped part of San Antonio, published books and articles, and co-founded a non-profit in Moldova

Join us for a conversation about how to manage high level growth, and how to invest with a kingdom forward mindset.

Find more about Darryl here:

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John Busacker is a writer, speaker, coach and the Founder of Life-Worth, a personal leadership development firm. He has delivered keynotes, facilitated workshops, coached leaders, and orchestrated conferences on six continents with clients ranging from Medtronic, Duke Corporate Education, Thrivent Financial, PwC, CommonSpirit Health, National Football League, NGL, Ameriprise Financial and Kingdom Advisors. John is the author of four books including his latest, Gasping for Breath: Inviting God's Spirit Into Your Overwhelmed Life. 

Find out more on his website!

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Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process®, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster and a Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, as well as Accredited Enneagram Professional. Through speaking, training, coaching, and consulting she serves her clients to move from living with their hair on fire to discovering clarity about the life they want to live each day and the business they want to lead.

Find out more about Teresa here:

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For more than a decade, readers of the bestselling Go-Giver series have been clamoring for a book on how to apply the philosophy at the heart of The Go-Giver to their personal relationships. From the original story’s coauthor and his wife, a clinically trained therapist, this long-awaited sequel shows readers how to unlock a deeply satisfying, abundant relationship based on simple, everyday acts of generosity.

Find more here!

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Sterling Harris is a former NFL Player and federal prisoner, who's life was radically changed by starting and developing an intimate Love Relationship with Jesus. Sterling is a person who tried all life had to offer and found no true peace and fulfillment, until God moved him from being a lukewarm and religious Christian, with no intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, to hearing God's voice and being on Fire for Jesus!

In Sterling’s new book How to Hear God, 10 Ways God Speaks, you will experience your spiritual senses being increased in all kinds of amazing ways so that you can hear God’s voice with greater clarity and encounter God’s activity in your everyday life. This powerful book has been an Amazon Best Seller. It is a simple and practical step by step guidebook which will help anyone, no matter where they are spiritually, to have a closer relational connection with Jesus. 

Find more on Sterling on his website!

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Dr. Weiss is a nationally known author, speaker, and licensed psychologist, and has been featured on many prominent television shows such as Dr. Phil, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Doctors, Good Morning America, and more. He has several decades of experience working with prodigals and parents of prodigals. He is the President of the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy (AASAT) and the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs.

Find more on his website:

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