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Jeff is a Transformational Coach and the Founder of Coaching Transformation Academy, a program that trains coaches who change lives. He has been practicing transformational coaching professionally since 2001 and certifying coaches since 2017. 

In addition, Jeff is the President of Convergence Point Coaching since 2009 and co-founder of Soul Care with Mindy Caliguire. He is the author of 8 published books, including The Habits of Hope and Transformational Coaching.

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Bill is the President and Founder of FiveTwo, a network that equips faith-based entrepreneurs to launch a variety of sustainable startups and nonprofits. In 2015, the network launched a “Mother Teresa meets a friendly Mark Cuban” training process that helps entrepreneurial leaders to launch and grow ministries, nonprofits, and businesses that make an eternal difference in financially sustainable ways. Over the past decade, Bill has led countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses and better communities across the country.

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Founded in Dallas, Texas, on January 1, 1984, Marketplace Chaplains has expanded every year for the past 37 years. Founder Gil Stricklin’s visionary leadership and willingness to obey God’s call, along with support and encouragement from his wife Ann, fueled him to persistently present the idea to Dallas-area business leaders for years. Over 1,700 chaplains now serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for more than 1,085,000 employees and family members.

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