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If you are looking at a life change, get rid of a Plan B and develop a mindset where there isn’t a back door.

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Knock and keep on knocking and it will be opened. Now, will you step through and will you be faithful? Will you stay the course not if, but WHEN the challenges come? And we don’t get spooked so badly when those challenges come. You just modify plan A and find a way around, over or under.  Keep pressing to get through to the fullness of what you feel God has really called you.Chris McCluskey

As you’ve listened to our Eternal Leadership Podcast, you have no doubt heard numerous references to Christian Coaching. You may have looked into it yourself, whether to learn more about it or to hire a Christian Coach to help you bring the best out your business. It’s a movement that our guest believes will be fundamental to churches and businesses worldwide as Christians seek to integrate their faith with the marketplace.

Join us today as we hear from the “Father of Christian Coaching”, Chris McCluskey. Chris is the founder and president of the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. His journey from Christian psychotherapy into coaching was a call from God that required him to take a leap of faith and answer some hard questions. Christ will share his story and give a clear understanding of the definition of Christian Coaching and what it can do for individuals and our culture. You won’t want to miss this insightful episode.

What you will learn:

  • How Christian Coaching is different from Christian Counseling
  • Coaching looks toward the future while counseling deals with the past.
  • Why the wave of Christian Coaching has been so successful.
  • The difference between the “outside in” model and the “inside out” model.
  • If you are looking at a life change, get rid of a Plan B and develop a mindset where there isn’t a back door.
  • What is the future of Christian Coaching?
  • How well-known Christian leaders in business are integrating Christian coaching into the marketplace.
  • The importance of looking for the answers to our questions inside of us, through the Holy Spirit.
  • Where to find more information on Christian Coaching and how you can influence people by bringing out the best in them.


I think what I had was a front row seat to the dismantling of the family. Here I was being so close to other people’s battlefields that eventually you become shell shocked. You can’t believe the amount of pain and trauma that families were facing. The Lord introduced me to this new field called life coaching. It was about vision, it was about growth. It wasn’t about brokenness and healing in the past. It was about what could be, what’s possible, and I saw the immediate connections with our faith and worldview and God’s calling on our lives. And the rest is history.Chris McCluskey



Chris McCluskey is a visionary leader who pioneered thew world of Christian Coaching. in 1998, Christ transitioned entirely out of his ownership of the largest Christian psychotherapy practice in Tampa Bay into full-time coaching as a solo practitioner in his new business, Coaching for Christian Living, Inc. He is the founder of Professional Christian Coaching Institute. Chris has presented at more than 50 national and international conferences. He and his wife, Rachel, are best-selling authors of the highly-acclaimed marriage book When Two Become One. They are frequent guests on popular Christian radio and television shows. Chris and Rachel operate Professional Christian Coaching Institute and Coaching for Christian Living from their ranch in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in south-central Missouri where they homeschool their seven children. Chris’ passions include music, the performing arts, and nature, but most of all his family.

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