Eternal Leadership
In this episode of the Eternal Leadership podcast, we delve into the unique concept of "Marketplace Mission Trips" with Mike Henry Sr., CEO and Lead Instigator of Follower of One. These innovative trips are designed to integrate faith into the workplace, offering both 2-week online and 6-week offline versions. Participants engage in daily devotionals, prayer, and evening calls to share experiences and encouragement. The program focuses on building spiritual strength, transforming mindsets, and experiencing God's work firsthand. Testimonies from diverse professionals like entrepreneurs, CEOs, nurses, and consultants highlight the profound impact on their work and faith.
Mike Henry Sr. is the CEO and Lead Instigator of Follower of One, deeply committed to helping individuals live out their faith in the marketplace. His mission is to mobilize believers to serve and inspire others, aiming to be a full-time minister in all aspects of life.
For more details, you can visit Follower of One. Follower Of One - Community for Marketplace Christians
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