Eternal Leadership

Sterling Harris is a former NFL Player and federal prisoner, who's life was radically changed by starting and developing an intimate Love Relationship with Jesus. Sterling is a person who tried all life had to offer and found no true peace and fulfillment, until God moved him from being a lukewarm and religious Christian, with no intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, to hearing God's voice and being on Fire for Jesus!

In Sterling’s new book How to Hear God, 10 Ways God Speaks, you will experience your spiritual senses being increased in all kinds of amazing ways so that you can hear God’s voice with greater clarity and encounter God’s activity in your everyday life. This powerful book has been an Amazon Best Seller. It is a simple and practical step by step guidebook which will help anyone, no matter where they are spiritually, to have a closer relational connection with Jesus. 

Find more on Sterling on his website!

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