Eternal Leadership

Here in this podcast, Vivian Mabuni, an Eastern Asian American author shares about her experiences as a cancer survivor and how her life has changed since she became a Bible-reader and a Christian follower.
An inspirational podcast from the guest speaker and author- Mabuni shares her previous background as a traditional Buddhist in Colorado and how she redefined her beliefs from being a practicing Buddhist. It was a phase when which she found detachment as a young teen until she became active in faith as a Christian.
Her challenges and ordeals as a cancer survivor and how she joyfully survived the loneliness of having to leave the place she grew up with as a teen to move to Hongkong. The podcast was reflective of how she progressed from being a passive believer of a specific culture to an emphatic follower of Christ where her beliefs are strengthened through Bible readings. Vivian Mabuni #292

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