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T Harv talked about


  • It’s not called ‘giving back’ because I didn’t take anything in the first place.
  • Hear his struggle and how he used to have to decide between $5 of gas in his tank or eating.
  • If you aren’t doing what you want to do and you’re not where you want to be, there’s something you don’t know.
  • Three things involved to create wealth:
  1. The right vehicle
  2. The right knowledge (generalized knowledge, specific knowledge)
  3. The right you (mindset, attitude, belief, habits & character)
  • Determine how good you are at what you do by your paycheck. That’s your scorecard.
  • Hear why T Harv thinks ‘Rich is a really good idea!’
  • 4 words that’ll change your life.  “Thank You For Sharing”
  • Your mind is a survival mechanism. It’s not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to protect you and look for things that are wrong. Observe each thought as it comes and determine if it is supportive or non-supportive thought.
  • His thoughts on “Power Thinking”
  • You have the ability to delete or install ANY thought that comes to your mind

 Everyone listening or reading, T Harv has generously donated one of his best-selling books on wealth creation and is offering a webinar on how to Discover The 6 Proven Principles That Make The Difference Between Getting Rich And Staying Middle Class Or Broke

This is for the book:

And this is for the webinar:


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