Eternal Leadership

True Success Through Nurturing Relationships

“People of integrity expect to believed and when they are not, they let time prove them right.” – Kevin Knebl

In this episode, world-renowned businessman, speaker and author Kevin Knebl shares the key to his incredible success. Kevin has the heart of a true servant leader. In each of his relationships, Kevin takes a sincere interest in others and what is important to them. God has given him a deep desire to connect with others; his success has been a natural outcome of that desire.

“I realized that if I created and nurtured relationships, I’d never worry about business. There would be an endless pipeline of referrals, there would be more business than I could handle, and that’s absolutely what God has manifested in my life.” –Kevin Knebl

Kevin lives each day fully in the present moment. He trusts God completely for his success and his future. Listen as he teaches you specific steps to do the same in your life.

You will learn

  • Why you should focus on your attitude and work ethic instead of just the “harvest”
  • How to cultivate skillful questioning and active listening in your interactions with others
  • The difference between manipulation and influence—and use the latter to serve others
  • Daily habits to slow down and live in the present
  • Trusting God in the big and little things is the true secret to success


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