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People of the church and people in the business world often have a difficult time relating to one another. Furthermore, a businessperson who is also a Christian may often encounter roadblocks to walking out his or her faith in the marketplace, often coming from those in his or her very own church!

Dr. Peter Wagner explores the history of this disparity and the possible solutions to closing the gap between the traditional church values and the business culture. He discusses the need for mentorship from those who do understand “the rules” in both cultures and can help bring them together.

 “The leaders of the nuclear church understand only one rulebook…furthermore, many of them think that the rulebook of the extended church is wrong.” –Peter Wagner


In this episode, you will learn: 

  • The history of the church movements in the workplace and where they went wrong
  • How you already have your own ripe mission field in your workplace and the keyword is service
  • How we as Christians need to reject the old paradigm that business success and a godly ministry cannot go hand-in-hand
  • How to be “kingdom-minded” in all that we do and help others do the same


Wagner Leadership Institute

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Ed Solvoso’s book “Anointed for Business”

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