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Aging is a topic that Steve has become passionate about in the last couple of years. On this special episode, Steve & John have a short conversation about some of the coming technologies that are going to allow us to age better, have more vitality & health longer, and possibly live longer than any generation since the days of Genesis.


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The guest for today’s podcast episode has been an inspiration to a lot of people because of his ability to produce talks and speeches which are not only intellectually-rooted but are also motivating. He is Biagio Sciacca or also known as Bill to his friends. He also manages to run businesses which he is passionate about, and with all of those, he leads to be humble and inspiring to the best of his capacity. Indeed, this article is something that we can learn a lot from. With his background of philosophy and economics, the combined system of these branches of knowledge had made him as the person that he is right now.

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Becoming Your Best

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How often do we hear people pray for business, for business owners and market leaders, and pray for a business partnership with God?

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Answer the Call

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How You Can Build A Better Business Today

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Listen to the voice within

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You can take risks and still enjoy life!


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Creating a coalition of profitability to drive your business to greater success. 

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Adventures From A Missionary Road Less Traveled

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